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Current Bible Studies

Our Life Groups share teachers who rotate between the classes upon completion of a four to five-week Bible study. 

Our Life Groups meet each Sunday at 8:45 AM. Our current studies run from January 6th through January 27th. 

Ancient Wisdom vs. Modern Worldviews (Young Life Group)

Teacher - Phil Knight

In the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon, the wisest and wealthiest man of his time, addresses a theme that is relevant and vital for all times: What is the meaning and purpose of life? In this study, we will use Solomon's wise answer to that question to critique prevalent modern systems of thought. We will show that, with respect to worldviews, there is indeed "nothing new under the sun." And in the process, we will reinforce the Christian worldview.

The Book of 1 John (Mid Life Group)

Teacher - Sam White

This study in 1 John focuses on the importance of Christian love and includes discussion regarding the basic elements comprising much of false teaching.

Dispensationalism (Senior Life Group)

Teacher - Dr. Fred Moritz

Our Community Baptist Church Statement of Faith reads: “We believe that the universal church is a New Testament institution established by Jesus Christ, Who is the sole Head; it was revealed through the apostles....”  If the church is “a New Testament institution,” how did God work in Old Testament times?  How will Christ work after the church is raptured to Heaven? This course explains how God worked and will work in human history. These various methods of God’s working are called “dispensations.”