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Current Bible Studies

Our Life Groups meet each Sunday at 8:45 AM and share teachers who rotate between the classes upon completion of a four to five-week Bible study.

Our current Bible studies go from October 13th through November 17th.

Young Life Group: The Book of First John

Sam White is teaching through the Book of First John. This study will focus on the importance of Christian love. We will also discuss the basic elements that comprise much of false teaching.

Mid Life Group: Sing!

Dave Mincy is teaching through the book Sing by Keith and Kristyn Getty. And, no, it is not just about singing. Come learn and discuss together how intentional worship can transform your life, your family, and our church.  

Senior Life Group: The Book of Ruth

Bill Adams is teaching through the book of Ruth. The book of Ruth is filled with suspense, romance, and intrigue. It tells of God’s sovereign hand in guiding Naomi and her daughter-in-law, Ruth, from near ruin to redemption. Let’s dive into this fascinating book, understand its story, and see how it points to Jesus Christ.