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Lessons from the Potter's House

September 23, 2018 Speaker: Dr. Jim Newcomer Series: Guest Speakers

Topic: Christian Growth Passage: Jeremiah 18:1–18:11

Jeremiah, the Weeping Prophet, received an assignment from God in Jeremiah 18: Go to the potter's house and learn lessons from the potter.

Israel had rebelled over and over again. God was fashioning calamity in Israel. As Creator, God has the prerogative to do whatever He wills with His creation.

What’s true for Israel is true for us today. 

(Job 10:9; Psalm 2:9; Isaiah 49:1, 64:8; Romans 9:20-21; Genesis 2:7)

Three Realities You Must Grasp:

1. The Process of the Potter (Jeremiah 18:1)

- The Wheel
- The Drying Phase
- The Soaking Stage
- The Decoration Stage
- The Baking Stage

The most important tools of the potter are the (1) gentle hands for pressure and protection and (2) a monotonous routine of constant spinning on the wheel.

How does this apply to me?
- Is my job, family life, school, chronic illness, or ministry monotonous?
- Understand that Your Potter is using that gentle pressure and constant routine to create a vessel. (John 10:28; Deuteronomy 33:3; Psalm 31:15). 

2. The Problem with the Clay (Jeremiah 18:4)

- The clay was ruined, flawed, corrupted, worthless. (Genesis 6:11-12; Exodus 32:7)

Two Flaw Facts about Pottery and People:
- Flaws are usually concealed under the surface. (Proverbs 4:23; Matthew 15:19)
- Flaws are always exposed by the Potter. Our excuses expose our flaws. The exposure of your flaws is a loving act that will keep the clay from being rendered useless. (Hebrews 4:13)

3. The Product in Your Future (Jeremiah 18:4)
- He remakes it!
- The Potter’s design will always be dominant. 
- The Potter doesn’t ask the clay for advice or opinion. He has a design and doesn’t have to explain Himself (Isaiah 29:16; Isaiah 30:14-15). 
- It’s His design that will be displayed. 
- It’s about the Creator’s glory on display. (2 Corinthians 3:18; Galatians 4:19)
- As you grow, you grow to look more like Jesus. The clay is not attractive, but the finished design is beautiful and worthy of the Potter’s glory. 

When you learn the lessons from the Potter’s House,
- You will see God’s hand constantly. 
- You will consider life’s routines as sacred. 
- You will believe that change is critical. 
- You will understand that submission is paramount. 
- You will thank God that He doesn’t throw away marred clay.

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