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How to Have an Effective Evangelistic Church

September 1, 2019 Speaker: Michael Knight Series: Current Sermon

Topic: Evangelism Passage: Matthew 9:37–9:38

What does an effective evangelistic church look like? What does it not look like? Listen as Pastor Mike Knight answers these questions in this sermon from Matthew 9:37-38. 


Taken from 6 Important Church Attendance Statistics and What They Tell by Jayson

Ages 65+
24% attend church weekly

Ages 50-64
28% attend church weekly

Ages 30-49
32% attend church weekly

Ages 18-29
17% attend church weekly

1. What is an effective evangelistic church?

  • “A church that has at least 26 conversions per year and a conversion ratio (membership to annual conversion) of less than 20:1.” (Surprising Insights from the Unchurched and Proven Ways to Reach Them by Thom Rainer)
  • The problem with Rainer's definition is that the effectiveness of a church ministry cannot be measured solely by looking at results.
  • An effective evangelistic church is a church whose members are obedient to carrying out the Great Commission!
  • Obedience = Effective Evangelism!

2. What should not be done in order to have an effective evangelistic church?

  • Do not water down the truth.
  • Do not change your name to disguise what you believe.
  • Do not assume the unsaved no longer visit church.
  • Do not stop witnessing one-on-one.
  • Do not cancel Sunday School or small group Bible studies.
  • Do not stop witnessing to your family members.
  • Do not neglect the children’s ministry and youth ministry.

3. What should be done in order to have an effective evangelistic church?

  • Pray for evangelism.
  • Prepare for evangelism.
  • Proclaim the gospel.


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