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Reminders from Titus 3

March 8, 2020 Speaker: Dave Mincy Series: Special Topics

Topic: Christian Growth Passage: Titus 3:1–3:15

Paul wrote to Titus when he was on the island of Crete reminding Titus and the Cretans of how believers should conduct themselves. Let’s examine Titus 3.

Paul reminded them of several things.

What should we be?

1. Be submissive to authority.

2. Be obedient to authority.

3. Be ready for every good deed.
- Have a reputation for being willing to help and doing good.

4. Don’t be slanderous.
- Don’t make false accusations, exaggerations, or partial truths. Truth matters.

5. Be peaceable.
- Don’t be quarrelsome and contentious.

6. Be gentle.

7. Be humble.

What were we?

- Lest we become lifted up in pride, Paul reminds us of what we were like before salvation.
- We now are also prone to sinning, except for Christ, we would be in the same situation.
- We are changed by Christ’s kindness and love. It is God’s grace, not our own efforts, that opens our eyes and empowers us to do right. We cannot self-reform. (Titus 3:7; Galatians 6:1; Ephesians 2:4-10)

- Because of Christ, we are declared righteous, regenerated, and made heirs,

On what should we insist?

- Have the right perspective. Run toward others with the Truth. Remember what you were before Christ. Live out that Truth before others and speak of the hope that you have in Christ to those who don’t know Him.

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